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Bowen therapy using the Bowen Technique



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Bowen Therapy is a drug free, gentle, non invasive, hands-on remedial therapy, which can be administered through light clothing, with the client, standing, sitting or lying down.


The Bowen Technique is suitable for adults and children, including newborn babies and the elderly.


Bowen therapy aims to balance the whole person, not just the symptoms. Common presentations include, back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and respiratory problems, to name but a few. Practically any problem can be addressed and some people use Bowen as a means of stress management and health maintenance, seeing their therapist regularly 2 - 4 times a year.WHAT DOES A TREATMENT INVOLVE?

An appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and most of the work can be performed through light clothing (or directly on to the skin). Three treatments (at weekly intervals) are usually sufficient to bring about some relief, although further treatments may be required.


The therapist uses his or her thumbs or fingers to make a series of precise, gentle rolling movements over specific muscles, muscles groups, nerves or tendons. Interspersed with these movements are short breaks where the client is left to rest to allow the body to respond to the movements that have been performed. The rest period is an important part of the treatment as it allows the body time to make the fine and subtle adjustments, which help to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain. It is these features which make the Bowen Technique unique.


Thomas Ambrose Bowen of Geelong, Australia developed his own 'technique' and had a thriving practice until he died in the 1980's. His approach is now known throughout the world.



My experience demonstrates its benefit for people of all ages, including newborn and infant children. Although it is a tool for treating ailments and injuries, many healthy people come along to enjoy treatments to maintain balance and their sense of well-being.Victims of sports injuries and accidents have found the Bowen Technique very helpful as a remedial therapy during their recovery. It improves rehabilitation time regardless of when the injury was sustained.

Here is a list of just some of the conditions I have been able to assist with:




Baby and childhood problems

Back problems

Bladder problems, bedwetting

Bowel problems

Digestive problems


Ear Problems


Fluid retention

Foot problems

Frozen shoulder

Headaches (migraine, sinus)

Bedwetting, incontinence

Jaw problems (grinding of teeth, misalignment etc)

Knee and hip restrictions, misalignments

Menstrual and other female problems

Pelvic tilt, leg length, hip imbalance

Poor mobility

Repetitive Strain Injury

Respiratory problems

Skeletal and muscular problems from lumbar to neck

Sports injuries









When suffering from a frozen shoulder a friend suggested I try Bowen Therapy as it is a gentle therapy and I felt that when in pain yourself, painful treatment is counter-productive. I booked for treatment and after four sessions found the results astonishing. My frozen shoulder had unlocked and various other aches and pains had disappeared. Sometime later I made the decision to train as a therapist myself and qualified in August 2011. The more I study Bowen and the more people I treat the more amazed I am at the differing responses the body has to treatment.


Since becoming pregnant 17 years ago I have suffered with dreadful hay fever and an allergy to raw fruit and vegetables. This meant that from February through to November I have been unable to enjoy being outside in any sunny weather. I have not been able to eat, an apple or peach or any uncooked fresh fruit or enjoy a plate of salad. I had some Bowen treatment for a headache last November and was quite sceptical about the whole thing, but the headache literally faded away as I was being treated. The feeling of release and relief was lovely and so I booked for some more treatment. An unexpected bonus has been the relief from hay fever symptoms and the fruit and veg allergy. This year I have enjoyed all the summer and eaten my first peach and raspberries in over 15 years. Cathy Grantham

I have suffered with I. B. S. For some years and found that just one Bowen treatment significantly reduced the bloating and cramping, and after a further two treatments all symptoms disappeared. A regular treatment every six weeks or so has kept all symptoms away. Graham Grantham

I was suffering painful hips and back pain with my pregnancy. Regular weekly treatments throughout the last ten weeks of my pregnancy have reduced the pain and allowed me to enjoy these last few weeks. Rachel Grantham

My seven month old baby was full of cold and very snuffly, which made breast feeding him very difficult. One treatment from Marilyn and my baby could breathe again. It worked on my three year old too. Moira Stathern

Following an injury at work in 1995 I have suffered with a painful back and decided to visit Marilyn for some Bowen treatment. After the initial treatment I noticed a slight improvement, after the second session my joints felt a lot easier and after the third the aches and pains had eased considerably. Bowen is a gentle and relaxing treatment that I would recommend to anyone to try. It has certainly helped me. Gill Grantham

I am an above knee amputee and suffered stump spasms until Bowen treatment and these have eased considerably. In addition it has eased nerve pain in my left hand and shoulder pain caused by wheelchair use for 15 years. Steve Hougham

The Firs is fully wheelchair accessible and off road parking is available.

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